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Magic Swirl Dice (Handmade to order)


From the original Magic Swirling Dice creator.

I will be re-creating 3 or my early versions of my Magic Swirl Dice but with a few production improvements.
Fireball: Yellow/orange center with a red shell
Glacier Ice: White center with a light blue shell
Vampire Blood: dark red/blood center and a red shell

This is for 1 D20 NOT a full set.  These are made to order and it will be on a first order first ship basis, be aware that I am just 1 person and orders could take months, I will shut down sales if I think a new orders will take longer than 6 months to complete. 

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Patents Pending

Do you understand that These are made to order, I am just 1 person and these will be sent on a first order first ship basis? This is for D20s only and Not full sets. If I feel orders reach the point where I can't fill a new order within 6 months I will shut orders down. Please answer yes.

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