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An infectious cackle resonates throughout the forest. One of your fellow Witches has once again hidden your broomstick! It’s time for revenge. Forget pestering the mortals in the village for just one evening. Light a fire, stir the cauldron, and toss in an Eye of Newt. It’s time for a game that only Witches can play: Hexia. Gather around the bubbling brew and curse the rest of your coven until they yield to your magic. Who amongst you is the greatest and most powerful? Use your powers of deception and spell crafting to prove your supremacy while your friends are still pondering where they left their Wool of Bat. Maybe next time they will think twice before touching your things!

Players take on the role of Witches around a cauldron. These Witches are trying to prove who among them is the most powerful. Witches take turns placing ingredients into the cauldron. When a Witch thinks that the correct ingredients are in the cauldron, the Witch may cast a spell from the list. A successfully cast spell will affect all of the other Witches. If a spell is cast and the correct ingredients have not been added to the cauldron, then the spell will backfire and weaken the caster.

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